UCTV Episode 6

Join Freddie, Nick and Al as we discuss ALL the mid-season and season finales and gossip on some comic news!

#0:30 Comic Movie/News
Wolverine 3 rumors
Ghost in the Shell casting
Star Trek fan film lawsuit dropped and fan film opinions
Netflix possible plans for Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight
Harley Quinn movie in development featuring female heroes and villains
Geoff Johns taking a larger role in the DC
#28:30 Flash Season 2 Finale “The Race of His Life”
man in iron maiden mask revealed
Flash and Zoom fight
Flashpoint Coming?
Season 3 theories

#51:56 Gotham Season 2 Finale “Wrath of the Villains: Transference”
Epic ending
All the villains current and upcoming discussed
Season 3 theories

#1:07:20 Arrow Season 4 Finale “Schism”
Disappointing ending
Scene similar to Dark Knight Returns
More batman pulls

#1:22:25 Fear Season 2 Mid-Season Finale “Shiva”
We talk about killing zombies, even little kids
Everyone losing their minds, breaking down during zombie apocalypse.

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