#UCFF Ep. 2 Highlights: Free Comic Book Day


What did you pick up this year at FCBD?

Dodgy’s was Rom # 0, The 1First Comics Mix-Tape, 2000AD and Bong Free For All.

FCBD-2000AD-2016Layout 1

What stuck out?

In Rom # 0 there was an entirely page dedicated to writer Bill Mantlo, who has been in special care since his accident in 1992. Mr Mantlo was a pioneer of 80’s comics, primarily for Marvel and his ability to give character and substance to Action Figures such as Rom Space Knight, Team America, Sectaurs and Micronauts. He also created Rocket Raccoon of Guardians of the Galaxy fame.

We need to thank Bill Mantlo for his contribution in the comic industry, his around-the-clock is a financial burden on his family. Please go to BillMantlo.com where you can donate and buy merchandise such as cups, T-Shirts, Books, etc.

Listen to Flipside Focus Episode #2 HERE

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