TOYVERSE PRESENTS: Denver Comic Con Weekend

As you may have noticed, no groovy Youtube Video today. I am sure I could come up with some cool excuse about how a tiger demolished my computer, but the truth is I have been super busy with Denver Comic Con this weekend. And at this time, I feel the desire to share my experience on the Con in 5-2-8-0! Here are a few highlights:

Joe Giella:

To say Joe Giella is talented, may be the biggest understatement ever uttered! When I saw his name as a guest at DCC, I was so excited. Then I met Joe on Friday, and had him sign his cover work here on Flash 164. Then being who I am, I lost the issue! So then a journey was taken to find said issue and get it resigned. My girlfriend found the issue and had him resign it, but the journey didn’t stop their friends. I found another issue and had him sign that along with two prints. It was truly an honor and a blast to be able to meet the man. I have big plans for this issue, but the wall in my room yet doesn’t know that. Once the project is finished, I shall share it with everyone. If you have a chance check him out.

The other big thing for me was my toy photography panel. Panel’s are never easy, and a huge kudos to anyone who has ever ran a panel at a con! Despite being a quarter full, we(myself and sponsors) put on a great show that had those attendance heading home with not only great prizes, but a fun workshop under their belts. A special shout out to Denver Comic Con for making the event happen. Hopefully they will have us back next year! A huge shout out and an awesome thanks to Extreme Sets for providing so many awesome prizes and backdrops. I can’t stress enough the hard work this company does. They are a huge positive to the toy community. And a huge thank you to @toylovercrew on instagram. They helped support this event and gave attendees additional action figures to hold in their hands and take pictures. Check out the images below to see how everything went. Also head over to Big Bad Toy Store to get your toy fix in. Until next time friends, tally ho!


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