The Dynamic Convergence Episode #6 – Parody Characters

Have you ever read a comic book and then say to yourself, “wait a minute…that character looks just like…”?

In this latest episode of the Dynamic Convergence, host The 13th Crusader teams up with Hilty, Freddie Nero, and special guest, the owner of Undercover Capes, Comic Crusaders and Geekery Magazine, Al Mega, to discuss parody and homage characters of the DCU!

Also, don’t miss the Countdown Arena segment, featuring 3 new DC Comic character battles…and a bonus battle that Al Mega absolutely hates, but you’ll love!

13: @13thCrusader
Neil: @hilty75 
Freddie: @FreddieNero

Guest Al Mega: @TheRealAlMega 


Twitter: @UndercoverCapes

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