While Santa prepares his sleigh,

By filling it with gifts,

He tunes in to the Definitive Crusade,

It’s a show he can’t miss! But before he takes off,

he revisits his list,

“Let’s see what they wanted!”

“Let’s see what they wished!”

Freddie wanted a pizza pie, cut in 4,

“That’s easy! I’ve delivered that before!”

Freyja desired the King of the Seas,

“I’ll bring him! Plus Tim-Tams times three!”

Tracy’s a Hellblazer; she wanted an imp,

“Bat-Mite’s my friend! That’ll be a cinch!”

More Spoiler for Johnny, fishnets & JSA,

“I’ll visit DC HQ and talk with them today!

” As for the Knight, it was as Santa feared,

“That son of a b^#&% wants more beer!”

As the Def Crew waited for Santa to arrive,

 They drank & sang! What bloodshot eyes!

“Yo, pass me dat bucket! I’ve gotta vomit!”

They partied hard and read some comics,

Commenting on Supergirl & Comet,

And how Bats knelt & made a promise,

Along with some things you can’t unsee,

They grew tired. Time for Bat-Onesies!

When the Def Crew was sound asleep, Santa arrived!

 He didn’t make a peep!

With a heart full of glee, He placed his gifts under their tree. But before he left, he found a note

, Addressed to him, inside an envelope. He opened it, and it read:

“Hey Santa! Like cookies and milk?… That’s what she said!”

Twitter: @DefinitiveCru

13: @13thCrusader
Freyja: @xXFreyjaXx
Freddie: @FreddieNero
Johnny: @johnnyhughes70
Tracy: @reikiwithtracy

Twitter: @UndercoverCapes

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