The Definitive Crusade Episode #19

Feelin’ batty because you’re cravin’ beef patties? Well, what the heck are you waiting for?! Be a hero and rescue your stomach! Head on down to Batburger!! It’s the ONLY restaurant that guarantees to thoroughly satisfy the loudest rumbling tummies, with their hot, mouthwatering, delicious Batburgers! Be a Titan and treat yourself to some tender crisp Night-Wings and quench that thirst with an extra large Bat-Soda! Don’t be shy! Go on in and stay awhile! Dine-in customers get to enjoy a one-of-kind Gotham City ambiance while listening to their favorite DC Podcast playing overhead – THE DEFINITIVE CRUSADE!!

Great food, great TDC podcasts, great times! Head on over to Batburger today and don’t forget to Jokerize those fries!!


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