The Definitive Crusade Doomsday Clock Special

“Really tired. Made it home. Brutal night. City still afraid of me. Must relax, but mind doesn’t. Access internet. Remembered password. Congratulations. Podcast notification – The Definitive Crusade Doomsday Clock Special. Intrigued. I click play. Doomsday Clock keeps ticking. Listening to podcast. Soon there will be war. They are right. Hate proms. Love onesies. Need more beer. Good show. Repeat.”


Twitter: @DefinitiveCru

13: @13thCrusader
Freyja: @xXFreyjaXx
Freddie: @FreddieNero
Johnny: @johnnyhughes70
Tracy: @reikiwithtracy

Twitter: @UndercoverCapes

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