Review: Swamp Thing Winter Special

Before he passed away, Len Wein the co-creator of Swamp thing was working on a new series about the iconic DC Comics character Swamp Thing. Wein’s complete script never got published; however, Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 has been polished into a brand-new one-shot story by two of comic’s biggest creators: writer Tom King and artist Jason Fabok, who take a good shot at bring to life this story about the vegetation-covered monstrosity formerly known as Alec Holland.

This story, tracks Swamp Thing as he and a lost boy struggle to survive in the middle of a blizzard all the while, the pair encounter countless threats, and have to navigate through a very confusing terrain, while running from a snow monster (Basically one of my worst fears).

What is the monster? It all depends on how you look at it.  At least three concepts in this issue are addressed. Aristotle’s monster is a mistake of nature, something that failed to attain its natural end.  Noël Carroll’s monster is a scientifically impossible being that arouses disgust and fear; Cynthia Freeland’s monster is just an evil being devoid of moral bearings.

Jason Fabok and Kelley Jones are on board for the artwork.  The panels do an excellent job of providing an empathic environment that dominates the story.  Simpson’s use of tones is really good at showing the gravitas of the moment, and that these vampires clearly mean business.  My one complaint is that sometimes it’s hard to gauge how big the town is and where things are located, so the context of distance covered over time is lost which could be central to the story.

Whether you are familiar with Len Wein’s original work or not, The Swamp Thing Winter Special is a comic that I think horror comic fans will enjoy. This issue is smart and thrilling at the same time.

Out of 5 stars I give it a 4. In total there are about 80 pages of great stuff.  The first 40 pages contain the story.  The subsequent pages contain panels and art work, and part of the script that was meant for the originally planned mini-series; however, the issue as a whole was great.  So, if you’re a Swamp Thing or horror fan I would recommend picking up a copy of this issue.

Written by; Tom King & Len Wein
Art by; Jason Fabok & Kelley Jones
Colors by; Brad Anderson & Michelle Madsen
Published by; DC Comics

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