Review: The Silencer #1 Code of Honor

From the looks of the cover and the name Silencer doesn’t tell the story you think it would. A badass female assassin, running around the world killing arrogant politicians or men abusing their power… Sounds like a great story, right? But writers John Romita Jr. and Dan Abnett aren’t trying to tell us a story we’ve heard before. Instead, they explore what happens after a kick butt assassin stops kicking butt — professionally at least, and tries to settle down.  In the beginning of The Silencer #1: Honor Guest a former assassin of Polynesian descent has settled into her life as a mother and wife. Instead of picking off people, she goes to Starbucks and goes food shopping you know ordinary stuff.  But “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

The choice to integrate Talia Al Ghul to the story is a stroke of genius because if you really want to know about Honor Guest’s backstory or wondered whether she was an assassin on the side of the forces of good forces or evil all you have to do is read into Talia’s past. It was also sort of interesting to see that for all the trouble she has caused other people, she’s trying to make things right.

Thus far Silencer #1 could definitely find interest from fans outside of normal comic readers, and I could see myself plucking down some cash to go see this in a movie theater. The fact that she just wants to be an ordinary mom and housewife will find its’ fans if they continue to do it correctly.   Sandra Hope’s penciling has created a realistic landscape for Hope to operate in and nails the look of her surroundings.  Sometime it’s just better to show rather than tell and this issue nails it on the head.  She also really has a talent for closing up action scenes. Colorist Dean White masterfully took Hope’s work does an outstanding job in capturing the feel and moments of the panels.  My one complaint is that several of the earlier panels feel out-of-order.

Out of 5 stars I give it a 4. In that it was good, and has peaked my interest enough that I want to pick-up the 2ND issue of the Silencer whenever it comes out.  So, if you’re a Femme Fatales fan I would recommend picking up a copy of this issue.  This being a first appearance of Honor Guest, It does have legs and I can envision the character having a pretty good run but I would wait a little bit before speculating on this book, either way it is a good read.

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Sandra Hope, John Romita

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