Review: Spawn #282 The Dark Horror Finale

6 months after the announcement that Blumhouse Productions is teaming up with Todd McFarlane to develop a movie reboot of Spawn, writers Todd McFarlane, Darragh Savage, and Jason Shawn Alexander seeks to add to the Spawn universe, in this 6-part Dark Horror series collected from and Jason Shawn Alexander.

Col. Al Simmons was a Force Recon Marine whose death was falsely attributed to killed in action in the line of duty. Simmons awakens in hell to an offer from the demon, Malebolgia, who offers him the ability to return to earth to see his fiancée in return he has be a loyal servant for eternity. Spawn accepts his offer and arrives on Earth five years after his murder to find that his best friend is now married to his fiancee and has a daughter, Cyan, whose destiny has always been intertwined with his own (1st appearance Spawn #3).

Flash forward a few years Cyan has grown into a teen still dealing with the horrific murder of her mother (Spawn Resurrection), and as a result she has developed a drug habit. The fact that she is constantly being haunted by ghosts, demon’s, and the nastiest looking monsters your mind could dream of doesn’t help her situation at all either. That is why she is going to be a great character, she is going to have plenty of room for more character development.

There are few disambiguation problems with the way the character is being advertised. This issue was the billed as the first appearance of a new character; however, Cyan’s first appearance was in Spawn #3. Cyan has shown powers and abilities as far back Spawn #160. Normally I would say that the truth is in the eyes but that happened way back in Spawn # 183.  The only indication that there is new Character is her announcement of the ‘Black Mirror…but that happened back in Spawn #280.

Out of 5 stars I give it a 3. This isn’t a stand-alone issue; however the whole Dark Horror storyline (Spawn 276-282) was good, and has piqued my interest enough that I want to pick-up the 1st issue of the new Black Mirror character whenever it comes out.  So, if you’re an Image fan I would recommend picking up a copy of this issue. The Cover A Jason Shawn Alexander Color is interesting however, if you want to go for the longshot speculation, #282 Cover B Variant Black & White Cover (estimated 8500 print) might be the way to go. Either way you are going to have a couple of options to speculate on or enjoy just for the read.

Story: Darragh Savage, Jason Shawn Alexander
Art / Cover / Variant Cover: Jason Shawn Alexander

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