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At Capes HQ, we love action figures almost as much as we love comics. Strictly due to our favorite comic book hero or villain being made into an action figure we can play with or simply pose on a shelf. Not only are comic-books receiving the love from toy companies, our favorite TV and movie characters, cartoons as well as anime/manga are made into action figures!

From our friends at Big Bad Toy Store, fans like us can Pre-Orders some spectacular goodies to get our handle on!

Mazinger Z (Battle Damaged Variant) by Bandai. We’d love to see the other guy! As seen in Mazinger Z vs. the Great Dark General, the Soul of Chogokin GX-70D features Mazinger Z as a battle damaged variant. Made from ABS and die-cast parts Mazinger Z stands 6.70 inches tall and features a rocket punch gimmick. Planned arrival in November 2017.

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Street Fighter V: Chun-Li 1/12 Scale Figure by Storm Collectables. Round One Fight! Check out Storm Collectibles’ Street Fighter V Action Figure, Chun-Li – the strongest and most iconic female video game character of all time, also the first female fighter of the Street Fighter Series. Planned arrival in October 2017.

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Aliens 30th Anniversary: Hadley’s Hope Two Pack by NECA. The only time in any movie where you rooted for the bad guys! Big O’l Douche-Bag Weyland-Yutani company man Carter Burke makes his action figure debut in this set! He stands approximately 7″ tall, has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of Paul Reiser. His sculpt is completely faithful to the movie. Planned arrival in October 2017.

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Transformers Masterpieces by Takara Tomy: MP-10B Black Convoy (Nemesis Prime) with Collector Coin. You wouldn’t expect this guy telling you to “Roll Out!” The evil counterpart of Optimus Prime. Made of plastic and die-cast MP-10B features clear cab windows and comes armed with a blaster rifle and energy axe. Planned arrival in December 2017.

MP-39 Sunstreaker with Collector Coin. Just don’t mess with his paint job! One half of the Twins (the other being Sideswipe), Sunstreaker comes with alternate faces, several weapons, spare side mirrors, an alien robot mask, and his human sidekick Chip Chase. Planned arrival in 4th Quarter of 2017.

MP-12+ Labor (Sideswipe). ‘I won this race!’ This edition is an updated version of Lambor and features closer to the G1 series, including a brighter white color and a larger Autobot symbol on his chest. He comes with 3 sets of pile drivers: 2 from the original MP-12 release and one additional gray set! Will go well with his twin brother Sunstreaker. Planned arrival in November 2017.

MP-15/16-E Cassettebot vs Cassettetron Set Exclusive. You’d love to put these in your tape deck, like Starlord! These cassettes are repaints of G1 Transformers, such as Nightstalker (Ravage) and Stripes (Steeljaw) transform into large cats while Wing Thing (Rat-Bat) takes to the skies by transforming to a bat mode. Enemy (Rumble/Frenzy) transforms into a battling robot and includes a pair of pile-drivers. Each of the figures comes with their own cassette case. Planned arrival in 4th Quarter 2017.

MP-36 Megatron with Collector Coin: With orange Barrel Plug. All Hail Megatron! Fans will be blown away with this absolutely gorgeous upgrade from the previous Masterpiece. The stock, silencer, weapons, facial expressions, and other accessories allow you to create all of your favorite action poses from the animated series (especially kicking Starscream’s ass!) Planned arrival in 4th Quarter 2017.

WARNING: The MP-36 Megatron is an adult collectible toy and should not be used by children. Caution should be exercised when using this toy, and Megatron should never be used in a situation where it could be confused for a real weapon. Do not remove the blaze orange safety plug affixed to Megatron’s barrel or silencer.

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TITANS RETURN DELUXE WAVE 5 set of 2: Octane and Blitzwing by Hasbro. Talk about Multiple Personalities! Two Decepticon Triple Changers will make Bot-Fans seeing purple, Hasbro just like Marvel Legends are killing it with the G1 Transformers Toyline with the likeness and articulation of the beloved characters in their Titans Return! Coming Soon in July 2017.

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Evangelion EVA Test Type-01 Bust by Prime 1 Studio. This is a Lass you don’t want to upset! This Premium Bust series brings to life the most famous and popular of the Evas known as Evagenlion Test Type-01! A tall, lanky cyborg machine piloted by the Third Child Shinji Ikari, Unit-01 is a humanoid with thin limbs, reinforced knees and chest, shoulder extensions, and its iconic horned head. Planned arrival in 3rd October 2017.

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Robotech SD Vermillion Squad Set by Kitzconcepts LTD. Straight Outa Macross! These awesome figures are fully painted die-cast action figure that stand 5.50 inches tall in Battloid mode. These articulated figures feature high metal content and includes multiple hands in different poses. Additional features include light up LED eye and weapons. Planned arrival in 3rd October 2017.

Liftoff from Macross:

Dragon Ball Z (S.H. Figuarts) Yamcha by Bandai. Fans will go Super Sayan over this! From Bandai Tamashii Nations comes the long awaited S.H.Figuarts Yamcha from the Dragon Ball Z series. This figure stands roughly 6 inches tall and has been excellently replicated from his appearance in the Saiyan saga. This figure comes with many different option parts to fit any battle pose you want to create. Planned arrival in December 2017.

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