Flipside Focus Episode #9

Welcome to Flipside Focus Episode #9

The Northeast Comic Con Weekend Pass Giveaway starts here! Listen to the show to get the FIRST password (of 4) and enter to win on the Undercover Capes website! The FF team is back at it! Join Dodgy, josh and Al as put you onto the latest and greatest in the indie world. In this episode TDC host 13th Crusader joins us to talk indie!

News Updates:

    1. Al: UCPN /CC NECC Pass Giveaway / CC to be part of a magazine
    2. Dodgy: Kelly Bender, working on Cyber Force
    3. Josh: Sancta Sanctorum Update

Indie you Should be reading:

    1. Josh: Marcy Meets an Alien
    2. Al: Octal Vol 2
    3. Dodgy: Triskelion

OG Indie Characters:

    1. Josh: Dredd/2000AD
    2. Dodgy: Bone

Kickstarter Alerts:

    1. Al: Lady Death
    2. Dodgy: Deer Editor
    3. Josh: Blow the cartridge


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