ComixTribe Wants You to Color Cthulhu!

As mentioned by Tyler James on a Creator Spotlight podcast with The Capes!

by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy

We’re back on Kickstarter to bring to life one of the most requested products from our outstanding C is for Cthulhu fan community: a high quality, 40-page coloring book, full of creepy and cuddly creatures and characters inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.


This book is loaded with ready-to-color line art our fans will recognize from the original C is for Cthulhu Board Book, along with many all new illustrations and activities.


Product Details

  • Have fun with your little monsters coloring the entire Lovecraft Alphabet from A to Z!
  • Includes bonus Lovecraft-themed activity pages for young and Old Ones!
  • Digital Deluxe Back-up! Every book comes with a print-ready PDF of the entire book, so if there are pages you’d like to color again and again, you can print more yourself!
  • The perfect companion to C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book and the C is for Cthulhu Plush Toy.
  • Try before you buy – Download a 5-page sampler here!

The Third Campaign from the C is for Cthulhu Team

In 2014, we successfully crowdfunded C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Bookhere on Kickstarter.


Last year, we returned to Kickstarter to successful fund an adorable C is for Cthulhu Plush Toyinspired by the book.

Who Are We?

Now, the C is for Cthulhu team of illustrator and digital artist Greg Murphy and Eisner award-nominated writer Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, Magic: The Gathering)are back to add a coloring book our family… and yours!

We were joined on this project by the talented Jules Rivera and Jonathan Rector, who transformed Greg’s signature paintings and designs into ready-to-color line art for us all to enjoy.


Why Kickstarter?

Because Kickstarter is AMAZING! In just a few years, through the power of Kickstarter and the support of nearly 2,000 amazing backers, we’ve been able to share the Lovecraft with fans all around the world.


Over two campaigns, we’ve built an energetic Facebook Community of nearly 10K fans, surpassed our funding goals enabling us to donate books and plush toys to worthy causes, and make great products!

The funds raised from this Kickstarter will go toward a large off-set print run for the new coloring book.

Start Coloring Now! Download a FREE Sample Here:

If you’re new to the C is for Cthulhu community, we want to make sure our products are right for you.


Click on either or both of these two pages for a free, ready-to-print and color page.


Want even more?

If you’d like even more printable, ready-to-color C is for Cthulhu fun, we’ll email you a 5-page sampler! 


>>>Click here and sign up to get a 5-page PDF sampler of the C is for Cthulhu coloring book sent to your inbox.<<<

Friendlier World-Wide Shipping Rates

Our community is full of horror fans from around the globe, but NO ONE likes scary shipping charges.

The reality is, international shipping IS a major cost, and the United States Postage Service loves raising rates, sometimes 40% or more, each year.


Our worldwide success has not come without its share of challenges in getting our products to backers around the world.

For this campaign, we’ve expanded our fulfillment partnerships, in order to deliver the coloring book and many of our pledge levels at lower international shipping rates.

The Rewards


100% Backer-Satisfaction Guarantee

At C is for Cthulhu HQ, we realize the enormous amount of trust and support our backers bestow on us when they make a pledge.

We know that 7 out of 10 publishing projects on Kickstarter fail to get funded… and the fact that we’ve been successful with every project is not something we take for granted.


So, for this campaign and any campaigns we make going forward, we’re offering a 100% Backer-Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your pledge, we’ll make it right. And if we can’t, simply return your reward, and we’ll refund your pledge amount.

Pledge Add-Ons

Want to customize your reward package? No problem!

See the chart below and add the dollar amount you see below to your current pledge reward to secure additional items.


You will be able to mark your add-ons after the campaign is over in the Kickstarter survey. We will be using BackerKit to help us manage pledges and ensure everyone’s rewards are delivered perfectly.

Backers Bonus: We’re Giving Away a Box of Crayons Every Day of the Campaign!

That’s right, to do something extra special for our backers, we’re celebrating this launch by sending out a big 96 count box of Crayola crayons to one of our awesome backers EVERY DAY of this campaign.


To register for this extra bonus:

1.) Back this C is for Cthulhu Coloring Book Kickstarter campaign at any pledge level, starting at $1.

2.) One you’ve become a backer, go to this registration page:

3) Enter your Kickstarter Backer profile name to confirm your awesome status as a backer. Once you do that, you’re enrolled!

4) Increase your chances at winning! Want to boost your # of entries to increase your chances of taking home a new box of crayons? You can do just that by:

  • Tweeting a Message to share our campaign (+2)
  • Leaving a comment on our Kickstarter page (+2)
  • Following @CisforCthulhu on Twitter (+1)
  • Visiting our C is for Cthulhu Facebook Page (+1)
  • The Project Timeline


Thanks for Taking a Look!


Support this AMAZING project by clicking HERE

Risks and challenges

This is Greg and Jason’s third Kickstarter project. Tyler James, publisher of ComixTribe, is the third member of the C is for Cthulhu team, and this will be the eighth project he’s managed.

Tyler is also the host of the ComixLaunch podcast ( a show where he teaches creators how to harness the power of the Kickstarter platform to bring their creative projects to life.

We’re well aware of the many challenges associated with delivering on a Kickstarter campaign, and know that problems arise in every campaign.

We have taken the following steps to mitigate the risk associated fulfilling this project:

1) We’re working close with KrakenPrint, a well-regarded US-based print broker to ensure a quality book production, and on-time fulfillment.

2) The coloring book is 100% complete, and ready to go to print.

3) For backers getting the board book and plush toys, those are already in stock!

4) We don’t anticipate any problems working with our already selected vendors for all rewards. However, we’ve already sourced back-up vendors for all products, should a problem arise.

5) Please review previous ComixTribe Kickstarters (OXYMORON, EPIC, SCAM, THE RED TEN, THE STANDARD, C Is for CTHULHU, C is for CTHULHU BOARD BOOK & PLUSH TOY) for evidence of our ability to communicate with backers post campaign, and deliver on campaign fulfillment.

We don’t consider a project successful unless 100% of our backers have been fulfilled.

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