Comic Creators Who Passed Away in 2017

There were so many creative losses in 2017, Listen in as Kevin G gives you the run down on those highly impactful losses to the community we all love.

Below is a small list of some of the losses, listen to the show for all:

[10 Sep 2017] Len Wein
[06 Aug 2017] Dick Locher (American cartoonist for Dick Tracy), 88, Parkinson’s disease
[06 Aug 201[23 Jul 2017] Flo Steinberg (American comic book publisher of Big Apple Comix and Marvel Comics’ secretary), 78, complications from a brain aneurysm and lung cancer
[12 Jul 2017] Sam Glanzman (American comics artist, co-created Captain Willy Schultz), 92
06 Jul 2017] Joan B. Lee (British-born American voice actress for Spider-Man; wife of Stan Lee), 93, stroke
[23 Jun 2017] Tommy Castillo (American artist on Detective Comics), 46, kidney failure
[12 Jun 2017] Jim Galton (CEO of Marvel Entertainment Group), 92, saved Marvel Comics in 1970s
[19 May 2017] Rich Buckler (American comic book artist Fantastic Four, All-Star Squadron, created Deathlok, got George Perez into the comic book field), 68, cancer.
[04 Apr 2017] Joe Harris (illustrator behind Underdog and Trix Rabbit), 89,
[18 Mar 2017] Bernie Wrightson (American illustrator and comic book artist of House of Mystery, Swamp Thing), 68, brain cancer.
[05 Mar 2017] Dave Hunt (American comic book artist for Legion of Super-Heroes, Supergirl, Transformers), 74, cancer
[05 Mar 2017] Jay Lynch (American underground comics artist, writer and editor for Bijou Funnies, Bazooka Joe), 72, complications from lung cancer.
[13 Feb 2017] Giorgos Ioannou (Greek artist, uses comic book art in Greek’s Pop Art movement), 90
[28 Jan 2017] Dan Spiegle (American comic book artist of Hopalong Cassidy, Jonah Hex), 96.
[25 Jan 2017] Jack Mendelsohn (American cartoonist and screenwriter of Yellow Submarine and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), 90, lung cancer.
[12 Jan 2017] Gerry Gersten (American cartoonist for Mad Magazine), 89, Parkinson’s Disease.

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