A UCPN Social Revolution

As a member of the Undercover Capes Podcast Network, I have had the distinct honor and opportunity to see this podcast network grow, and it’s all because of you, our fantastic listeners and fans. Having listened to many different podcasts in the past, there was always this level of awe that I would have whenever those hosts would notice me whether it was over a Facebook comment I would leave, or liking or retweeting me on Twitter, and because of that, I felt pretty damn special that these hosts even noticed me.

As a host myself, I can’t tell you just how much I appreciate knowing that there are people in this world that not only listen to our shows, but consistently listen to all of our shows. It’s rather humbling really. I speak for the rest of us at UCPN when I say that we appreciate all of you and the time you take to join us for all of our shenanigans. Whether it’s Johnny providing Jeopardy

questions that make you not only scratch your head but also encourage you to dive deep into the books within DC’s history, or The Professor dropping Marvel Comics knowledge faster than you can drop a mic. Of course I cannot forget about the shenanigans that we have on Flipside Focus with Al Mega and Dodgy, because those are the shenanigans that legends are made of.

All of our shows: Definitive Crusade, No-Prize, Flipside Focus, Side Scrollers, Sloppy Spoilers are here because we love all of this as much as you do.

In conjunction with our podcasts, we are committed as hosts to also share with you what we enjoy in addition to comics, movies, games etc. Much like the experiences that I have had personally, we too want you to have those same experiences with us. So when it comes to social media, come join in the fun. Share with us the books you’re reading, games you’re playing and movies that you’re watching. Make sure to mention us in your posts, or use the hashtags that we use; #UCPN, #TeamGeek or any other hashtags you see us use.

Like Comic Crusaders, Undercover Capes is for the fans by the fans. We love comics as much as you do, and that’s why we do what we do. So come join in the fun with us!

Undercover Capes Podcast Network Hosts Twitter Accounts:

Al Mega – @UndercoverCapes

Johnny “The Machine” Hughes – @JohnnyHughes70

13th Crusader – @13thCrusader

Dodgy – @Dodgy86inthemix

Freddie Nero – @FreddieNero

Freyja – @xXFreyjaXx

The Professor Bud Young – @Cemberfrostt

The Random Dude Josh – @TheRandomeDud3

Bob-O – @BobOFnMac

Robert Anderegg – @bamfingbob

Dusty Good – @DangerDusty



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