We have another Undercover Capes Movie Special for X-Men Apocalypse. The team gets together to take a deep dive into the film, and of course relating the story to the X-men comic book series that inspired these characters and arcs.

#0:30 Spoiler Free Review#19:25 Spoiler-ific Review (if you haven’t seen the movie, press pause! watch the movie and pressplay again!)#50:10 Detour into Diversity in Comics#56:20 Final Thoughts – the most loved and most hated parts of the movie#1:17:11 After Credits Scene Talk and Theories for the Future of the X-Men franchise.
Cast:Freddie Nero: @FreddieNero
Nick “Merc with a Mouth” Perez: @DapperDeadp00L
Al Mega the 1st Crusader: @ComicCrusaders
Mike The 13th Crusader: @13thCrusader
Josh The Random Dude: @TheRandomeDud3
Undercover Capes Podcast Network: https://www.undercovercapes.com
Comic Crusaders: http://www.comiccrusaders.com


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