The Definitive Crusade Episode #5

Welcome to another episode of The Definitive Crusade, the Podcast dedicated to ALL things DC Comics!

In this episode we have a special guest, CEO of Comic Crusaders and Undercover Capes, Al Mega. this episode is littered with Rebirth coverage and news of the going-ons in the DCU!

Jeopardy – Freddie wins another round of DC Who’s Who Jeopardy with another 11 points scored, followed by Alex, with 1 point, and the Machine is currently slumping (or playing possum) after being shutout for a 2nd consecutive game. As such, The Machine will host the next game for next Sunday. The Jeopardy standings are as follows: Johnny – 61 pts Freddie – 41 pts Bryan – 34 pts 13 – 22 pts Community Chest – 12 pts

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@ThatBHoove *Absent from this recording, will join for Ep. #6
Special Guest: @TheRealAlMega / @ComicCrusaders / @Undercovercapes



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