The Definitive Crusade Episode #20

A scheduling snafu in the Undercover Capes recording studio sees the Flipside Focus team trying to record their indie comic book podcast during the Definitive Crusade’s air time!! So what happens next? Another epic Undercover Capes podcast of course! Join the 13th Crusader and Freyja as they team up with Al Mega and the Dodgy Crusader to discuss the latest DC releases!

What is your favorite DC/Independent publisher team-up of all-time? Which DC/Indie character team-ups would you like to see happen? Tune in to hear the cast share their picks and thoughts during the Joker’s Wild segment!

Can the goddess and two-thirds of the Flipside Focus team survive the latest TDC Who’s Who Jeopardy! presented by the unmerciful 13th Crusader? Find out what happens during this fun-filled 20th episode of the Definitive Crusade!!!

Follow the show and team at:

Twitter: @DefinitiveCru

Twitter: @UndercoverCapes

13: @13thCrusader
Freyja: @xXFreyjaXx
Freddie: @FreddieNero
Johnny: @johnnyhughes70


Al Mega: @TheRealAlMega
Dodgy:  @Dodgy86inthemix



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