The Definitive Crusade Episode #14

Move over Rip Hunter! The 13th Crusader, Johnny “The Machine” Hughes and the Fearless Freddie Nero, formulate a brilliant strategy for acquiring vintage comic books via time travel! However, something goes terribly wrong during their journey into the past. Instead of winding up in the Golden Age of Comics, the cast becomes stranded in an unknown era of time and find themselves trapped there along with…Joe St. Pierre?!?

Join the cast of the Definitive Crusade as they team up with a very special guest; the owner of the Astronaut Ink publishing company, former penciller for DC, Valiant, Image, IDW, Dynamite and Marvel…the one, the only – JOE ST. PIERRE! Together, they discuss a variety of DC related topics and review the latest DC Rebirth releases!

This episode’s Jokers Wild segment, centers on continuity inconsistencies since the launch of Rebirth! Hear the cast impart their thoughts on this tricky subject.

The Fearless One hosts this episode’s Who’s Who Jeopardy! Will the legendary 13th Crusader emerge victorious? Will The Machine prevail once again? Or, will an artist with numerous Spider-Man accolades, soundly defeat both the Knight and The Machine?

Don’t miss out on this epic episode! Download it and click play now! Be sure to check out Joe St. Pierre’s fantastic series, New Zodiax! For more info, visit

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