The C.A.P.E.S Episode #1 w/Special Guest Rob Bruce

We have changed The Capes to The C.A.P.E.S. (The Comics And Pop-Culture Entertainment Syndicate) with this program each show will be hosted by a different member of the UCPN family as well as members of TeamCC. This program is dedicated to ALL things pop-culture! This is the show where nothing in pop-culture is OFF limits!
In this premier episode hosted by Flipside Focus host Dodgy joined by Al Mega and Bryan Hoover, we get the opportunity to not interview but chat with the one and only, Robert Bruce, which is a integral part of AMC’s hit show, The Comic Book Men, he’s the Indiana Jones of vintage toys and memorabilia.
We had planned it as an interview but it just went on as if we were old friends chattin’ & catching up and we rolled with it, Enjoy!

Listen to the advice given by the Pop Culturist himself!


Bryan Hoover is the squirrel loving Host of the DC Podcast Definitive Crusade. His Twitter handle is @ThatBHoove

Al Mega is the CEO of The Comic Crusaders and Undercover Capes Podcast Network as well as the co-host of Indie Comics Podcast Flipside Focus. His Twitter handle is @TheRealAlMega

Shane ‘Dodgy’ Tydeman is the co-host from Oz of Indie Comics Podcast Flipside Focus. His Twitter handle is @dodgy86inthemix


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