Sloppy Spoilers Episode #2

Welcome to another edition of Sloppy Spoilers, the show for all your comic tv and movie needs!
#0:30 Comic Movie News
-Anton Yelchin from Star Trek died
-Howard the Duck with Strip Beer Pong
-James Earl Jones back as Darth Vader in Star Wars Rouge One
-Flashpoint Confirmed for Flash and CW!
-Ghost Rider on Shield?
-Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne Batman
-Gotham casting: new Ivy and a Vale
-Carnage in Spiderman Homecoming ?
-Marvel / Fox Crossover rumors?? and Civil War talk/gripes
-Punisher and Netflix talk
#42:14 Justice League is looking up!
Lets go Batman and Flash and Wonder Woman
#59:13 Outcast Ep 3 and 4 Talk
#1:14:36 Preacher Ep 4 Talk
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