Sloppy Spoilers Episode #1


Welcome to a NEW edition of the Sloppy Spoilers, the show all about comic tv and cinema!
In this episode we cover the following:
#0:30 Comic Movie News
Namor rights go back to Marvel
X-23 Casting Seems to be confirmed for Weapon X movie
Channing Tatum Rumored to be Shazam! and the Rock as Black Adam
Tyler Hoechlin cast as Superman in Supergirl on CW
Flashpoint theories for Flash for the Thomas Wayne Batman
Dope Director reading Flash volumes
Vigilante – Adrian Chase – announced to be on Arrow,
Jason Fuchs, writer of Wonder Woman teasing Lobo script
Killing Joke animated film in theaters for 1 day ONLY, 7/25
#33:37 Preacher Ep 2 and 3 Talk
#46:52 Outcast Ep 2 Talk
#58:08 We discuss our most loved and most hated comic book movies!
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