Practicing for Battle of the Capes 3!!

When two Gladiators go head to head, the level of competition can be fierce, but their words can bring the sting of a hot blade, or it’s just some great trash talking. That is definitely the case between myself and Al Mega. If you’ve watched any of our previous gaming streams or listened to us on Flipside Focus, you know that we love to talk shit to each other just to make the game that much better.

During our latest stream, Al issued a challenge that he was the king of the game Super Mega Baseball. If you haven’t played this game on the Xbox One, I would definitely encourage you to pick up the game. For a Baseball game, this is a lot of fun. The character designs are exaggerated in style, but it works for this  game. Controls are easy to pick up and the gameplay is fluid. Overall it’s a fun experience and one that I was surprised myself to not only pick up but thoroughly enjoy as well.

Back to the challenge at hand. There were a few challenges that I had to conquer if I am to reign supreme in the Battle of the Capes. The first is getting to know the game and how it plays. While I have an understanding of Baseball and the strategy involved, this game is more than your simulation Baseball games like MLB The Show.

This particular game as you will see below was at the medium difficulty, and the baseball gods were definitely on my side, which is going to be ever so critical when I go up against the boss. What sort of shenanigans will he throw at me? Will I be ready in time to defend my title? Only time will tell. But in the mean time, I have to keep on practicing and get ready for the third installment of Battle of the Capes.

Make sure not to miss this epic showdown on the Undercover Capes Twitch Channel.

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