NO-Prize Podcast Episode #7

NO-Prize Podcast Episode #7 with the ALL Mighty Marvel Team of Bud Young, Nick Perez and Paige Steadman!
Marvel is so anti-mutant these days. The NPP team talk why and give props to the now overlooked corner of the Marvel U and on the subject of mutants the team gives their reading recommendations!
Bullpen Bulletins: Upcoming Marvel NOW titles. SHOCKER: DC beats Marvel in sales for July on the strength of Rebirth.
What the–?! Is Marvel REALLY replacing mutants with Inhumans? The upcoming Death of X, the absolute lack of merchandising and listening to rumors coming out of the gaming community i.e. Marvel Heroes etc. There’s a ban on introducing new mutant characters going forward.
Civil War: This is it! When Titans Tussle! Nick and Bud go head to head over Deadpool with Paige trying to keep some semblance of order! They’ve been going back and forth since the beginning. Here’s Nick’s chance to win Bud over!
Who wants to be a Marvel millionaire! It was a tie last time. Who will come out on top!
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