No-Prize Podcast Episode # 20

Comes Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

Join your MARVELOUS Hosts The Professor Bud Young, The Wonder from Down Under Dodgy and our NEW co-host Bamfin’ Bob Anderegg for a Journey into Mystery as they discuss ALL things Marvel Comics.

Listen to our Off The Shelf! Listen to our picks for the week(s) that were in Marvel releases.

Meet your Maker: join us for the genius that is John Byrne.

Behind the Mask: Spider-Man.

Remember to visit your local comic store for the titles mentioned, and send your fan-art and comment below.

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The Team:

The Professor: @cemberfrostt
The Wonder from Down Under: @Dodgy86inthemix
Bamfin’ Bob: @bamfingbob
The Artist: @kenlipson

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