NO-Prize Podcast Episode #18

Welcome Back True Believers!

Join your MARVELOUS Hosts The Professor Bud Young and the Wonder from Down Under Dodgy for a Journey into Mystery as they discuss ALL things Marvel Comics!

Is this a NPP Reboot? In Episode 18, our hosts discuss what’s new in ‘Off the Shelf‘, our creator spotlight is now known as “Meet Your Maker” which is veteran artist Mark Bagley! As for our character spotlight, this is now known as “Behind The Mask” where we talk about the Hulk! (A Special Thanks goes to Marvel Unlimited for back issues for research purposes!)

Marvel Fans, No-Prize Podcast is the Podcast for you! Give us your feedback, fan art and comments on Facebook, Twitter and! And remember, Always Support Your Local Comic Book Store!

**Special thanks to our friend Ken Lipson for the fantastic art and fellow Crusader Robert Anderegg for our new segment names!

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