Injustice 2 with the Almighty Bob-O Mac!

Have you ever had that thought going into a game where you feel just that damn good about your chances to win? Well that was me. I had become (what I thought) to be very proficient in Netherealm Studios newest game, and follow up to its successful first game, Injustice 2.

This fighting game from the team that brought us Mortal Kombat, puts you in the DC Universe. The story is phenomenal, and if you haven’t played the first game yet, then bookmark this article, go play it and then come back, and continues with the story of the world being in peril, only this time from Brainac, and the only ones who can stop him are the Justice League. There’s just one little problem, Superman is a bad guy. See I told you, you need to go play the first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

I, myself, had become very good at this game, and could beat all of my friends. That was until I went up against UCPN’s newest addition, Bob-O Mac. Lets just say I was quickly humbled. There’s really nothing more that needs to be said aside from the obvious of checking out the video below.

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