Flipside Focus Indie Spotlight Special – Bobby Torres: Rapid Eye

The Random Dude, Josh and CEO of UC and CC Al Mega are joined by a special guest, comic creator Bobby Torres, whose new book, Rapid Eye is  a successful Kickstarter (a little over a day left but has met goal!) that will be distributed by newcomer on the indie scene Tenacious comics.

Bobby talks the amazing adventure that is Rapid Eye, from inception to creation. Bobby also puts us onto all the fantastic titles coming from NEW indie comics publisher Tenacious Comics.


After unknowingly obtaining confidential documents, CIA Operative Eddie Phillips becomes a mission target sourced by the agency who employs him. With the advancement of dream invasion technology secretly controlled by the CIA, Eddie’s race to expose the horrifying truth while staying alive ensues both reality and the dream realm.

Rapid Eye #1 is the first of a 5 book series that will be released through Tenacious Comics.

Creator / Writer – Bobby Torres
Writer – Anthony Rodriguez
Artist – Rowel Roque
Letterer / Designer – Nic J Shaw
Editor – Jack Gracia

Tenacious Comics is offering to our listeners 15% OFF the cover price of ANY Tenacious comics title along with a poster and autograph! Use code: comcrusader1, at checkout! Visit their website HERE


*Lead had started the show with us but fell asleep to witness first hand this new universe! Read the book to understand!

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