Flipside Focus Episode #6

Welcome to an new episode of Flipside Focus with your host dodgy, Josh and Al Mega!

  1. News:

    1. Dodgy talks

    2. Al: Indie updates from That Con on the West Coast

    3. Josh: New and Improved Undercovercapes.com/Newsletter

  2. In Focus

    1. Josh: Ash and the Army of Darkness

    2. Al: Alter Life

    3. Dodgy: Last Sons of America

  3. OG

    1. Dodgy: Mage

    2. Josh: Archer Armstrong (2012)**

  1. Kickstarter

    1. Al: Morgans Organs

    2. Dodgy: The Untold #1

    3. Josh: Kickstarter Roulette
        1. (Special Surprise Guest) – Ryan Nichols, the man behind Delta Volume 1 (Peep the project HERE)
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