Flipside Focus Episode #5

Welcome to another episode of the ultimate indie comics podcast hosted by the man from Oz, Shane “Dodgy” Tydeman. He is joined by The Random Dude, Josh Einfalt and CEO of CC and UC, Al Mega.

  1. News:
    1. Biggest month in comics across the board
    2. Upcoming Flipside Focus Events
    3. Morning Splash webseries on Facebook page (Thursdays at 7:30am MST)
  2. In Focus
    1. Al Mega: Renato Jones the 1% by Kaare K Andrews (Image)
    2. Dodgy: The Last Sherriff by Reckless Hero
    3. Josh: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Boom! Studios
  3. OG
    1. Dodgy: pls book in John Sable
    2. Josh: John Byrne’s Next Men
    3. Al Mega:  Dead World
  4. Kickstarter
    1. Josh: Stray: The Ongoing Series by Vito Delsante
    2. Al Mega: Hard-Wyred successful kickstarter by Erik Bitmanis and Ross Zucco
    3. Dodgy: Totally Tasty Art Book by Dave Atze

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