Flipside Focus Episode #4

What’s up everyone and welcome to another episode of Flipside Focus, the podcast ALL about Indie comics! Join Host dodgy along with Josh and Al Mega as we talk indie news,  dodgy’s printed review from Comic Crusaders in Make Mine Indie, and a NEW way to print books for creator owned/indie creators via BentoNet! Josh gets into Captain Kid from AfterShock Comics and I suspect he likes it because it may be about him! Hmmm? Al Mega puts on teh crew to Arron Day aka BlackJack an ol’skool style adventurer created by Alex simmons, you should check it out! We get into OG ol’ Skool indie creations with Savage Dragon and Ash. Then Dodgy sends a challenge to fellow UCPN member the Dapper Deadpool himself Nick Perez from No-Prize Podcast in a who wears it better contest! Listen to find out!

IF Rick Astley and Erik Larsen retweet this, you will get to see the REAL Dodgy dancing to this tune in a Green Thong all the way from Oz! Let’s make it happen people!
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