Flipside Focus Episode #3

Welcome Flipsiders to another Episode of Flipside Focus,

Join Dodgy and Al for Episode 3, we welcomed a new host to the Flipside Focus family Josh!

We talk about Comixology and their unlimited viewing scheme and how that impacts the hard work of Independent creators. What are your thoughts?

Dodgy thanks Patrick for his copy of TREP!



Dodgy’s Pick is Xtreme Championship Tournament or known simply as XCT, the brainchild of Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday. What if Spartacus fought in a Colosseum in the future? I have reviewed issues since # 0 on Comic Crusaders and have been hooked ever since. Captivated by Franchises’ sharp artwork with a blend of cartoon textured and epic violence.


Josh’s Pick: Dive in deep in the world of the Lady of the Shard by Gigi D.G. This story is an indie comic that sets itself different from all of the rest. Not only is it a webcomic, but it’s one that brings back the nostalgia of the 8-bit video games. The story of an acolyte who is faithful to the one the she serves. For opening the box of creativity, Gigi D.G. does a fantastic job with this unique style of comics and bringing the reader into the vast emotions that the acolyte goes through.


Al’s Pick is The Legend of Luther Strode, published by Image Comics. Picked because it’s a cool throwback to 90’s style art/action BUT in a good way! The story is told in 3 volumes, 6 issue each by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore.




Josh’s pick had the panel in stitches for Kick-Start Crusade, that is No Holds Bard #1 by Eric Gladstone: Did you know that William Shakespeare had an alter-ego? Or that he was even a Superhero? Neither did I until I read this amazing book. As my Kickstarter spotlight, this book captivated me in a way that no comic book has in a while. William Shakespeare fights crime as he in on the case to find the kidnapped queen as the masked vigilante The Bard. With his trusty sidekick Page, they work together to solve the mystery. Written in iambic pentameter, and in the style of the 1960s Batman television show, this story has action and campiness on a level never seen before in an indie comic. Yes, the shakespeare bust reveals the door to the Bards secret cave. I strongly recommend you pick this up today!



It’s time for the classics that inspired the current Indie writers…

Dodgy’s Indie OG is Dreadstar, a space epic by legendary writer/artist Jim Starlin. Nobody other than the King Jack Kirby does cosmic comics as well as Starlin, his storytelling in Dreadstar mirrors that from his Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel days in Marvel. A war raging over a galaxy controlled by two tyrants, can one man with an aim of peace save those affected? A book published a handful of publications and overlooked too long, it is certainly worth a look!


Josh’s Pick: With Out of the Shadows about to release in theaters, few people know the true origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No I am not referring to Megan Fox saving them from a fire. Did you know that the turtles began as an indie comic back in 1985 by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird? For a comic that has created an amazing franchise, the origins of these crime fighting, shell crashing, pizza eating brothers has a very dark beginning. Listen in as I describe the turtles dark origins, and what really happens to the shredder.

How origin stories should be told.. Thank you Splinter!


Al’s Pick is X: Published by Dark Horse Comics, OG Indie character created in the 90’s First appearance Dark Horse Comics #8 (Mar. 1993), Created by Joe Phillips and Wade Von Grawbadger. Great book chock full of 90’s style action, great storytelling that came back via a 2nd volume by Duane Swierczynski and Eric Nguyen that added to the X mythos. If you like characters that are driven by a crazy sense of justice then this is for you!



Finally, we answer a question by our listener Jacob for Flipside Fedex. Here’s the Question:


“In regards to the kickstarter comics, what particular things do you look for when choosing the one you going to feature??”

Listen to our show to know our answer and if you have a question you’d like answered on our show, comment below with #FlipsideFedex

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