In this ground breaking interview the Crusaders chat comics with industry legend DAVE ELLIOTT. Dave has been in the comic book business for 25+ years and has influenced the industry in ways even he can’t comprehend.

From giving young upstart writers like Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis their first work in the industry, to establishing the first creator owned company, Atomeka Press in 1988, Dave has been moving quietly in the background shaping the world of comics.
Dave puts on a master’s class during this interview about what creators can expect in today’s tough marketplace. He breaks down what it takes to get a book to market step by step, giving the budding comic creators of the future an honest look at the business side of a creative industry.
He also talks about his current works from The Weirding Willows to Monster Massacre and drops a bombshell of an announcement as Atomeka might be returning under a new banner, with the focus of giving creators a place to go where they will be treated fairly. All of this and so much more in one of the best interviews Undercover Capes has ever done!
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